You do NOT need any kind of off-road sticker to ride this event because it is on 100% private property. 

  YES, the X-12 Hillclimb is still moving forward.    
  We are confident in this because Utah is a common sense      state and is going to ease up on gathering restrictions         sooner than states such as California, Oregon and     Washington.  We have been in touch with Box Elder County   and our special use permit is still moving forward.  It looks   like we will be the ONLY hillclimb in the country during the   first half of 2020 at this point.  
  We are going to wait about another week and then finalize   our date for 2020.
  1. If possible, we will go with our original date of May 15-17.
  2. If things are still a bit touchy, we will go with May 29-31.  
  The pro registration is not up yet because Rockwell is   waiting for 100 percent confirmation on our date.  As soon     as we give them a 100 percent GO date, they will open the   pro registration.  Meanwhile, registration for everything   else, trophy, altered and semi-pro classes IS open on our   website.  
 Ron Dillon
 (208) 573-4255

Round 1 of the 2020 Rockwell Pro Hillclimb Series

Everyone, including racers, needs an admission ticket.  Prices are: $25 for adults 13-Up for all 3 days, $15 for adults 13-Up per day.  Kids 6-12 are $5, good for all 3 days, and kids 5 and under are free.   Camping is FREE to RACERS (in the pits only), and $25 per vehicle for non-racers.  Racers who want to camp outside the pits must buy a camping pass. 

Lake Bonneville Ledge

Lake Bonneville Ledge

Utah's only Hillclimb returns, bigger & badder than ever, in fact, these are the tallest hills in the hillclimbing world!

Tickets & Camping Passes


Lake Bonneville Ledge

Required riding gear: boots & helmet.   

May 15-17, 2020


No longer located near I-84 and Snowville, the new hill is off of I-15 and is only a few miles away from Tremonton.  And the hills are the biggest in hillclimbing, ranging from the "tiny" 745 foot mini bike hill to the 1,700 foot pro hill!

​X-12 Hillclimb 

I-15 Exit 392, near Tremonton & Utah/Idaho Border at the Desert Tech Gun Range 22400 N Rd, Portage, UT 84331 

To enter the Pro classes click on the pro icon below.  To enter other classes, click on the other classes button.  

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There is plenty of space on which to park and camp.  And the ground has a lot of gravel in it so a rain shower won't endanger the event or bury your trailer or motorhome in mud and slime.  Also, remember that NO FIRES ARE ALLOWED due to landowner concerns.  And please don't bring your own beer.  Drink ours and support the Eagles!

Lake Bonneville Ledge